Aeron: 2009

Chapter 7: The Prophecy and the End

The heroes receive a prophecy...which never comes to pass.

Aeron: 2009

Part II: Gnomes at War
Chapter 7: The Prophecy and the End

Our Cast:

Garon Dramor (Connor) Half-Drow Cleric

Silverwind (Connor) Elf Spirit Shaman

Tarathial Nightstalker (Trevor S.) Wood Elf Ranger

Kratos Nightblade (Trevor M.) Half-Elf Rogue

Gimble Stormrunner (Ian) Gnome Wizard

The seventh session starts out exactly where the last one ends. As soon as they got into the room they saw another section of the room that had a luxurious bed in it. Inside were two lowly goblins and a human in red robes. The human ordered his goblins slaves to attack, but suddenly a blinding burst of light engulfed the room as Gimble, Grimjow, and Silverwind were magically transported into the room (it seems that Gimble accidentally sent the threesome forward through time to this spot when the airship crashed). Silverwind is a hermit who comes to the academy so often to barter for supplies with the gnomes. He saw the ice cube and then was accidentally in the radius of Gimble’s travel spell. Gimble and the two others were too stunned to do anything but the remaining party finished off the goblins and the robed man (who turned out to be a magic-user) fairly quickly. After that, Garon Dramor was thirsty so he took a swig of the water skin he was given by the gnomes Ramble and Drim. He immediately started convulsing and was on the verge of death (the gnome apparently put poison in his drink) when the Lantern Archon that was friends with the party and Garon, used her magic to heal him, partially at least. The party put the incapacitated cleric in the bed that was in the room, and it was then that Silverwind noticed Grimjow. He immediately started a fight and they traded punches until Tarathial shot blunted arrows in their butts. He demanded they stop and asked Silverwind to tell him why he attacked Grimjow. He told the party the story of his life.

His mother, a high elf, had a servant that was a wild elf. They fell in love and got married, but were banished from Quel’Theras Tul, the high elven homeland. The couple fled to the Frostfire Peninsula, harsh tundra in the northernmost part of the world, where Silverwind’s father originated from. There they were tolerated, if only barely. Silverwind’s father was a shaman, and it was tradition that a shaman teaches his eldest son to learn the ways of the shaman. The people in his tribe forbid it however, so he was forced to teach Silverwind in secret. Growing up, Silverwind was good friends with Grimjow, and they spent a lot of time together. One night when Silverwind was being taught by his father, Grimjow accidentally saw them and told his father, the chieftain of the tribe. Silverwind’s father and mother were killed and he was banished and branded with the tattoos of an outcast. As this was happening, Grimjow walked in, and when Silverwind asked for help, Grimjow turned his back on his once friend. Silverwind has never forgiven him.

After that, Tarathial told them both that they would just have to get along for “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. They then proceeded to loot the area. They found two masterwork rapiers, which Kratos quickly claimed as his own, as well as a +2 Greataxe, which they gave to Grimjow. Also they found 225 gp in a drawer and some mwk chainmail. Tarathial, Silverwind, and Kratos then continued on (the only players who were here, as Ian had left) to kill the remaining monsters of the Academy. They left Grimjow, Gimble, and Zethor with Garon to help him recover and to help heal him. Ian immediately picked up some books from the shelves and started to read them to pass the time. While everyone was talking, Tarathial decided to take a look at the room across the hall. It was a storage room that had been looted, with only a few empty crates and barrels to show for what it once was. Inside, however, he found a strange silver amulet with the engraving of a castle on it. He then came back and the party headed off together, taking a right at the long corridor they came through and eventually coming to a small room with a stairway going down into the lower levels. Guarding it were four goblins and a hob-goblin. The characters quickly finished the monsters off, with Silverwind’s bogun helping to annoy the goblins. When it was down to the last goblin, that goblin pleaded for mercy. The characters granted it. The goblin then proceeded to tell them that he served a human magic-user and he followed him up from the lower levels so he could “killses some gnomeses”. He also told them about an “evil man with a triton down the stairses that rideses on a dolphin” Tarathial asked Jimmy Do, who was with them, hanging from Kratos’ belt, if he thought the goblin was telling the truth. The mummified head said “Hmmm, I must use my supernatural powers of listening…Yes! He is telling the truth. Goblins may be stupid but they are excellent liars!” Tarathial shook his head and sighed. Then they argued about what to do with the goblin (who called himself “Mog”. Tarathial voted to kill him, as did Kratos, but Silverwind wanted to keep him as a slave. Jimmy Do, on the other hand, wanted to eat him, as it was waaay past second breakfast by now. They gave Jimmy Do some honey that they had gotten from the giant bees, and then put him in a sack. They argued a bit about what to really do with him, but then Mog decided to make a move of his own. He lunged for the stairs, but Tarathial’s amazing reflexes caught him just in time (he got a 26). Tarathial then decided to kill him because he couldn’t be trusted. So he stabbed. Silverwind’s eyes glowed molten silver. He attacked Tarathial, barely missing and then got taken down by the two other characters with pommels to the jaw. They tied him up and demanding he tell them why he attacked and what is with his eyes. He told them that shortly after he was banished, The Lady (Arani, the goddess of the afterlife and spirits) came to him in a dream and told him he was The Chosen One, and that he was destined to destroy the great evil. Tarathial didn’t believe him. Suddenly, Arani appeared as a spirit and told them that it was true. She told them that he was destined to destroy the great evil, and that they were destined to help him.

Turning to them each in turn she said “Your names are written in the Halls of Prophecy. Tarathial Nightstalker, you are “The Guide”. You will lead the companions to Soul’s End, where the greatest evil can be found. Kratos Nightblade, you are “The Shadow” you will be as silent as the night and as swift as a cat when you need to so you can help Silverwind on his quest. Silverwind, you are “The Chosen One” as I have said before, but you are also “The Arrogant”, Mog’s death was also written in the Halls of Prophecy. You are destined to destroy the great evil and to cleanses the land once and for all of it’s nightmare. The others also have a part to play. Garon Dramor will live, and he will also help you on your quest, though he will not travel with you. He is “The Light” he shall light your way to Soul’s End. Grimjow will also play a part. He will be “The Sword” and will be your strength in the battles to come. Zethor Fireblade is “The Shield”. He will be your rock hard barrier against all that is to come. Gimble Stormrunner is “The Sage”. He will guide your actions and give you advice when you need a helping hand. This is what is written in the Halls of Prophecy.” Tarathial then asked her what exactly “Soul’s End” was. She answered as such.
“Let me tell you the tale of a great war, a massive conflict between the forces of good and evil. Three thousand years ago, in the Age of Serenity, the great god Zan-Kuri rose up out of his desolated fortress to wreak havoc on the world. He called his most faithful followers, the dark elves, to begin this devastation. They rose from their dark caverns and cities to gather outside Zan-Kuri’s fortress, the Heart of Desolation. The great god spoke to them in a great voice that would chill even the most experienced warriors heart, and told them to begin the greatest war the face of Quel’Tion would ever know. They plunged into the tide of war, and in a month, half of the land was devastated by this ancient evil. The great gods of good: Carthan, Andeya, and Magnus, stood against the dark elves at Soul’s End, along with an army of men, elves, and dwarves. They all knew what was at stake, and they were prepared to fight for the world’s ending. The massive armies collided in a great battle unlike any other. As the battle raged on, Carthan and Zan-Kuri stood against each other in massive suits of armor. Carthan wore a breastplate of shining steel, while Zan-Kuri wore a dark carapace of spikes and claws. They confronted each other in a powerful battle, with a white-hot fire burning at the end of Carthan’s sword, and a cold blue flame dancing at the end of Zan-Kuri’s spiked axe. After hours of never-ending battle, Carthan finally got a chance to drive a killing blow into Zan-Kuri’s stone-cold heart. But Carthan stayed his hand, and instead banished his brother to forever be imprisoned underneath Soul’s End till the day the world dies. There he lays, seemingly forgotten.”

“You must search Soul’s End out, for no one living today has been there. You must destroy the great evil that lives there.”


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