Aeron: 2009

Chapter 4: Pointy Hats and Sharpened Blades

The heroes are attacked by Drow league with a gnome.

Aeron: 2009

Part II: Gnomes at War
Chapter 4: Pointy Hats and Sharpened Blades

Our Cast:

Garon Dramor (Connor) Half-Drow Cleric

Gimble Stormrunner (Ian) Gnome Wizard

Kratos Nightblade (Trevor M.) Half-Elf Rogue

Grimjow (Seth) Wild Elf Barbarian

Today’s Session was fairly short, with most of it being shopping and building, which I will detail later. Trevor S. and Jared couldn’t make it this time, but Ian is back. We made this up for his character: Remember how he fell in a hole in the middle of a dungeon? Well it wasn’t really a hole. It was actually a teleportation spell that a wizard in the employ of Gimble’s arch-nemesis, Ramble Coldraven, used. He set a magical location device into Gimble, allowing him to scry on him at will. Ramble was hoping the wizard would go back to his airship so that he could steal it. Back to the main story line. The characters went back to Victus and starting selling some stuff. Before they could start however, they saw Gimble walking sullenly down the street. They quickly reunited with him, and the gnome told them he fell in the hole, and then just woke up in the middle of the forest. After that he just kept walking till he reached the city. Next, they went to an inn to celebrate, having tankards of ale galore. They even sang “99 bottles of rum on the wall…” After the terrible hangover in the morning, they sold the jeweled sword that they had found on the orcs that were holding Grimjow as a prisoner, and bargained with the merchant. They appraised the value of the sword at 800 gp, but told the merchant it was worth 2,000 gp. He declined, saying he would go no higher than 1,300. They argued for a bit, but Grimjow finally ended it with an intimidate check, and the merchant gave them the 2,000 gp. He even threw in a masterwork dagger in the shape of an eagle, which Kratos slid into his boot for further use. Then came the only battle in the session. As the PCs were walking down a narrow street, two hooded figures dropped down in front of them. They said something quickly in a spidery language that the PCs did not understand. Kratos tried to talk with them, first using common, then, when they didn’t understand, using elven, which they did understand. He said, “How’s it going?” In that moment we all burst out laughing. After we recovered, the dark figure replied, “Not so good for you it would seem.” They drew back their cloaks, revealing them for who they were. Drow! “Prepare to die!” they said as they pulled rapiers from their sheaths. We rolled for initiative. Kratos went first, which he used to intimidate one of the drow into running away (He got a really high score). Then the remaining drow attacked, stabbing Grimjow in the chest with a critical hit. Garon went next, moving around the drow to flank him and try to stab. He missed horribly and stabbed Grimjow in the chest again, who was on the other side of the drow. With two swords embedded in his chest, Grimjow went into a rage and cut the drow’s head off with ease. The characters searched the lone drow, finding a rapier (which Grimjow took), a hand crossbow (which Kratos snatched), and a note detailing why the drow tried to attack them. It read:

“Dear acquaintances,
I want you to track down and kill a party of adventurers that are in Victus at the moment. Give no quarter. The men are: Garon Dramor, a half-drow, Kratos Nightblade, a half-elf, Tarathial Nightstalker, a elven ranger, Grimjow, an elven barbarian, and especially Gimble Stormrunner, my arch-nemesis. Gimble is a gnome wizard of some power. I want him alive!!!

Ramble Coldraven.”

After I finished reading it, the players all looked toward Ian. Then they proceeded to strangle him. Now knowing that they were being hunted, they devised a masterfully crafted plan. First, they would get a drink that when consumed, would give the impression of unconsciousness. When consumed a second time, however, it would immediately awaken the victim. Second, they would fix the airship that Gimble arrived on. Third, they would fly the airship to Karabia, where the Gnomish Academy of Magic is located, and where they assumed Ramble must be. Fourth, they would give Gimble the potion, Kratos and Garon would put cloaks on to look like the drow that tried to kill them, and “deliver” Gimble to Ramble. Once they were inside, they would Give Gimble the potion again to wake him up, and then kill Ramble. They would then run out and get onto the airship and get the heck out of there. They proceeded with their plan. First, they bought the potions (they needed two doses), and then they hired laborers, rented wagons, and bought raw materials for use in the airship’s construction. It took them three weeks. At the end of the first week, Tarathial (who had been at his elven homeland celebrating an important elven holiday) came back and saw what they were doing. The PCs quickly filled him in. Once the construction was complete, Gimble spent a week teaching Grimjow and Tarathial how to fly the ship. At the end of the fourth week, they were finished, and by the end of the fourth day after that, they had come into sight of the Gnomish Academy of Magic. They had no idea what they were about to uncover.


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