Aeron: 2009

Chapter 3: The Prize Awaits!

The heroes capture the Shocker Lizard, but are attacked by a familiar face.

Aeron: 2009

Part I: The Shocker Lizard
Chapter 3: The Prize Awaits!

Our Cast:

Garon Dramor (Connor) Half-Drow Cleric

Tarathial Nightstalker (Trevor S.) Wood Elf Ranger

Grimjow (Seth) Wild Elf Barbarian

Kratos Nightblade (Trevor M.) Half-Elf Rogue

We last left off when the party had just destroyed some undead (and still have not used the cleric’s turning ability) and now are resting and regaining their strength. Ian could not make it again this week and Seth wanted to make a new character so he made Grimjow, which we will see soon. Since we were in the middle of a dungeon, I just said, “Okay, the floor on which Gimble is sitting suddenly gives way, swallowing him up, the floor then refits itself, leaving no trace of a hole ever being there.” Tarathial, of course, wanted to at least check to see if he could get down there, but of course he couldn’t. The room that they were in was more like a large hallway, with two doors on either side of the room. They went through the left door, in which they immediately were attacked by two orcs that were holding the barbarian Grimjow (Seth’s new character) prisoner. Garon charged at the orcs (which isn’t the best idea since he only has 11 strength, making him a terrible melee fighter) while Tarathial shot at the orc going towards the barbarian and Kratos headed to the prisoner to undo his chains. Tarathial killed the orc and Garon (luckily) hit the other orc, holding him off for the moment. Kratos unlocked the chains and Grimjow entered the fight, though it was short lived, for Tarathial killed the remaining orc with an arrow. The orcs had some gold, (which the players fought about for a bit) a masterwork hammer (which Garon took), and a jeweled sword (which Tarathial took to sell at Victus). Grimjow got his equipment (which the orcs had stolen from him) and then joined the party. They headed back to the hallway, for the room was devoid of another door, and went through the door on the other side of it. They opened it quietly, Kratos and Tarathial readying their weapons, and looked around. There was a small cavern in which many mushrooms had grown, especially around a large pool of stagnant water. There was also a “strange looking rock” that was actually the lizard they were searching for. I secretly made a spot check against 14 for all of the players, which only Tarath and Garon succeeded, so they were the only ones who got to act in the surprise round. The lizard sprung, running up to Tarath and shocking him with a non-lethal electrical discharge. That almost knocked him out, but he shrugged it off and hit with the flats of his dual long swords, which only one hit, doing half of his hit points in non-lethal damage. Garon also acted, hitting with the flat of the blade, but missed. The next round, the players rolled initiative and then the real battle began. Luckily for the PCs, the lizard bit at Tarath the next round, which didn’t do very much. They then knocked it out quickly, Tarath doing most of the work, and putting the lizard in the cage the aristocrat had given them. Tarath checked the spot where Gimble had fallen one more time, but, finding nothing, gave up and led the party out.

They headed back, lizard in hand, but the ruffian, Gevan Apolyon, was not done with them yet. An arrow whizzed into the cage that Grimjow was holding, forcing him to drop it. A krenshar charged them, while the ruffian shot arrows at them. Tarath headed behind a tree to get cover against the arrows, and to shoot arrows himself, while Garon and Grimjow headed to defeat the krenshar. Kratos tried to climb a tree to get some leverage on the ruffian, but he failed miserably and then Tarath suggested he should sneak around and try to catch the ruffian off his guard. He did worse than that though, he ran blindly through the middle of the battlefield, ending up right next to the ruffian and actually making him the guy’s next target. The ruffian shot him once and he almost was taken down, but luckily he got around the tree, giving him cover. Tarathial took the opportunity and shot at Gevan, hitting for minor damage. Meanwhile, Garon and Grimjow made quick work of the krenshar, sending him running at full speed. They then headed to the ruffian and with them attacking with their swords and axes, and Tarath’s archery, they took him down in short order. Tarathial, being the most suspicious of everything, checked him thoroughly, inspecting every inch to check if he was really dead. Then they cut off his head.

Quote: “I am sick of this guy! We are cutting his head off!!”

They took his gold and Tarath took the ruffians masterwork longsword. They then headed back with plans (at least Trevor M., Connor, and Seth) to kill the aristocrat. At this time I will tell you mine and Jared’s (My co-DM) plan from the beginning. The ruffian and the aristocrat are on the same side and they set up the whole mugging to get the PCs interested in Andar’s gold. The ruffian was supposed to escape, but the PCs were smart and they killed him. A wizard in Andar’s employ resurrected him and then sent him after the PCs with orders to kill them when they have recovered the lizard. He would then take the lizard to Andar and they would sell it on the black market, splitting the gold and going on their merry way as if nothing had ever happened. Of course, the PCs foil the plan, so Andar has to confront them. They got to the inn, and Andar stood up nervously, pulling at his collar. He then tried to jump out the window. Luckily (but not for the aristocrat) Kratos has really fast reflexes, and he managed to catch his leg. They then intimidated him to tell them everything he knew. He spilled the beans, telling them the whole plan. They then handed him over to the local authorities, and the captain fo the guard gave them money (the same amount Andar had promised them) for turning him in.


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