Aeron: 2009

Chapter 2: Deep in the Darvor Ruins

The heroes venture deeper into the Darvor Ruins.

Aeron: 2009

Part I: The Shocker Lizard
Chapter 2: Deep in the Darvor Ruins

Our Cast:

Garon Dramor (Connor) Half-Drow Cleric

Tarathial Nightstalker (Trevor S.) Wood Elf Ranger

Gimble Stormrunner (Ian) Gnome Wizard

Kratos Nightblade (Trevor M.) Half-Elf Rogue

After the party rested, they headed out of the room and then took a left, taken them to the empty vault I had made there. The rogue, Kratos, opened up the door with his lock-picking kit but was set down upon by falling rocks. They narrowly missed him, being just a jumble of ceiling blocks that had fallen loose, and looked around to find an empty vault, they searched the room extensively, and finally someone found the secret panel that opened up into a storage compartment and found the masterwork heavy steel shield I put there. Garon the cleric took it to sell in Victus when they got back, since he couldn’t use it because he had a greatsword, a two-handed weapon, and the others didn’t even have shield proficiency. They then continued into the dungeon. They found a small back corridor that had a dead end that was full of snakes that attacked them. Tarathial used his Wild Empathy ability to calm the snakes down, and they continued on. They then found a room in which there was no sound but deathly silence. The players looked at each other alarmingly. “Deathly Silence!” They said, “That can’t be good”. They decided not to take any chances and all drew their weapons. Then Kratos kicked the door in, though Trevor S. protested, saying that rogues do not “kick doors in”. We all argued for a bit, then I said, ok guys lets just play, Kratos, is that what you do? He said yes, so I had him roll a strength check, and the battle begun. Their were four skeletons in the room, which was good for the players because 1) Tarathial’s favored enemy was undead and 2) Garon was a positive energy cleric, so he could turn undead. They had a great fight, which I congratulate them for, but it did not occur to them once to have the cleric use his turning ability. Oh well, I said in my head. They searched through the room, but finding nothing valuable, they continued. They went right at the next corridor and then went through a door to the left. Before they opened a door, Tarathial listened at it, and hearing me say “deathly silent” again made them expect undead, which they did correctly. Four more skeletons were in the next room, which they took out quickly. They were doing very good in battles so far. At this point they stopped to rest, which we also took as a stopping point for our session. Afterwards, however, the players of Garon, Kratos, and Gimble devised a plan. When they got the shocker lizard, they were going to kill Andar and just take it for themselves. I laughed silently at this, but I won’t tell you why yet.


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