Aeron: 2009

Chapter 1: A Gathering of Heroes

The heroes meet eachother and are hired by a noble to capture a rare shocker lizard.

Aeron: 2009

Part I: The Shocker Lizard
Chapter 1: A Gathering of Heroes

Our Cast:

Garon Dramor (Connor) Half-Drow Cleric

Tarathial Nightstalker (Trevor S.) Wood Elf Ranger

Gimble Stormrunner (Ian) Gnome Wizard

Kratos Nightblade (Trevor M.) Half-Elf Rogue

The characters started out in the town of Victus, a frontier-fishing town that neighbors a dwarven settlement (in the mountains), an elven settlement (in the woods), another human trade post, and a tribe land of fierce horse riding warriors. A quick overview of who the characters are and how they got to Victus:

Garon’s mother was a drow and his father was a human. His mother tortured his father and something happened (hence the “half-drow”) His father cared for the babe for about a year, but then died unexpectedly from a disease. The Dramor’s, a family of generosity and kindness, took the babe as their own and cared for him. Although the inhabitants of the town shunned him at first, they eventually came to accept him and he even had a circle of close friends. One of them was the half-elf Kratos, who became his greatest friend. The others got jobs or moved away, and the half-drow has lost contact with him. He and Kratos were in a tavern when they met the other two characters, Tarathial and Gimble. Kratos is a rogue, an outcast, and he has never fit in anywhere except with Garon. They naturally clicked, although he was a sneaky rogue and the drow was a devout cleric. The elf Tarathial was a ranger, guardian of the forest, and he happened to see Gimble’s airship fall from the sky. Gimble had successfully created an airship, but on its first voyage, it hit a mountain peak nearby and toppled near the elven city. The elven ranger met the disheartened gnome and the ranger guided him to Victus. They went to an inn and there they met Garon and Kratos.

Well the characters were walking down the street and they heard a muffled cry and looked to see in an alley a ruffian trying to mug a finely dressed aristocrat. The aristocrat yelled at them to help and promised to pay them, so the PCs jumped into the action. Gimble and Garon shot with their crossbows and Tarathial with his longbow, but Kratos climbed up on top a roof and slowly inched his way over to the ruffian. The ruffian (Gevan Apolyon by name) pulled out his shortbow and took Gimble down with one shot. By then, however, Kratos was in position, and he jumped from the rooftop and slammed his sword down on to his helmet, to kill him. Before they could check to see what he had on him, a shout broke out.
(I needed something to grab their attention long enough so the ruffian (who was not supposed to die) time to get out with a wizard (explanation later)) Smoke billowed up into the sky and the PCs looked to see a man running toward them. He told them that the aristocrat’s shop was on fire and the aristocrat said that he would pay the PCs double to save the shop. They hesitated a moment, wanting to see what was on the ruffian, but the aristocrat told them there was no time so they took off towards the smoke. They tried throwing some water on it from nearby wells, but that didn’t work all that well. Kratos, being a follower of the fire god Askor, asked me if he could tell the fire god to put out the fire. I said he could try. And (since the fire was only supposed to be a distraction any ways) the fire god answered his prayers and put it out. After the fire died down, the aristocrat told them that his name was Andar Keron, and he was a merchant of rare oddities who was passing through the town.
(I didn’t think this through very well, since the man who told them about the fire also told them that the shop was Andar’s, so one of my players (Trevor S.) questioned this). Wait a second, he said, if you are a merchant passing through the city, why would you have a shop? He answered this by saying, oh it is not my shop, I just have an investment in it, and it is actually my cousin’s shop. Suspicion was creeping over Tarathial’s eyes. I quickly cut off any further conversation by saying; ok I will see you tomorrow then.
What I find as funny is that they did not go back to check the “corpse” of the ruffian. Me and my co-DM, Jared, laughed at this in the other room, for they were supposed to go back and see that the ruffian was gone and that a rope was hanging from the rooftops, signaling that he had escaped. But this made them all the more surprised at the end of the adventure that you will find out in Session #3.

The next day the PCs met with Andar and he gave them their mission: to hunt down the rare “Shocker lizard” and bring it back to him for him to use in his collection of oddities.
He also gave them an electric proof cage to put it in. They agreed and headed off towards the “Darvor Ruins” which were in a forest called Darken wood about 26 miles from the town. They walked and when they were in the forest two dire rats attacked them. They quickly finished them off however, and continued to the ruins. They searched the upper ruins systematically and then headed down a dark iron door that had been thrown off its hinges, in which there were stone steps that led down to the lower levels. Tarathial looked around uneasily as they went in, his character being claustrophobic. They headed in and soon came to a small oval shaped room with a couple features (a ledge with bat droppings, an iron cage, and a brazier) but no treasure or enemies. They continued, taking a right at the four-way intersection and coming to a large octagonal room with a catwalk hanging from the ceiling, about 20 feet above them. Also in the room however, was a zombie. They killed it quickly, no one getting really hurt, and then Kratos and Tarathial proceeded to throw grappling hooks onto the catwalk, getting everyone up in short time. They then went to the left, where the catwalk ended in a door. They charged through, surprising the orcs lounging on the broken furniture scattered across the floor. They fought and killed two of the orcs, but the last one ran out of the same door they came through and went out onto the catwalk. The party followed him, and Tarathial clipped him with an arrow, knocking him off balance and making him fall to his doom. After this they rested in the orc’s lair, licking their wounds (but not literally) and regaining their spells.


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